StephMoji by Steph Curry App Reviews

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Slow and clumsy

And not very well drawn. Has a not very modern feel. Might have been ok a couple years ago.

App is always frozen on iPhone X

When I open the app, it doesn’t even work. It doesn’t let me click on anything not even settings.

it doesn’t work

i don’t how to get help but this app doesn’t work. i have tried many times to reload but the screen is frozen.


im a huge warriors fan, so of course i HAD to buy this app. im seriously in love with it, all the emojis are so unique and I love them all. this is definitely worth $1.99, I adore it with everything! 😍😍😍💙💛💙💛

Works horribly in iOS 11

Needs a critical update.

Great App

The app is awesome


The price is worth it

Disables Spellcheck

I love Steph & the emojis are cool BUT you can only copy & paste to use them. Also, installation of this app disables spellcheck, requiring you to get out of his app and go back to the regular program. Too many steps to enjoy an occasional emoji app. And I never received a response when I inquired about these two issues.

Major bug

Was working fine until I tried using an emoji on twitter. Now the app "copies" emojis every time even when using it in iMessage... REALLY annoying. Update (7/20/17) it's gotten worse... don't buy. The problems are really easy to fix so don't buy it until they get off their lazy a**es and spend 10 mins to fix it.

Great pictured but annoying to use

I love the emojis but using it is clunky

Love it!!



I personally love the Warriors and Curry and now I can use Curry emojis to express how much I love them!!

Curry is lit

It's true u haters gonna hate


Looks just like him and his family!!

I love this ap

Having fun with these emojis it is easy to use please add more

Love it

Love it.


Great App!


I love it so many funny/cool emojis and I love Curry he is an awesome player

Finals season is here!

I've downloaded this app several times just to taunt my husband who's a Cavs fan. It's awesome!

My team

Great app

Best app ever

Best app ever

Love it

I love the Warriors and StephMoji! I use them in conversations during the games. Would love to see continued updates!

Awesome App

Great StephMoji

Solid Emoji

Good for everyone !


I love ❤️ this app so much I love Stephen curry and I think 💭 that he did a good 😊 job on making it it has family and his together I think that u guys did a good 😊 job ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀


Awesome app. Love StephMoji


Great but could use more animations like dance moves and clutch moments


I love to send these to my friends, they're so funny! I highly recommend buying these, it's worth the money! #SC30


Favorite player 👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽

What Happened?!

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm pretty sure this app used to have more moving emojis that were great... please bring them back!

StephEmoji App Review

Really great to use. I suggest everyone to show other people. Dubnation


This app is my favorite app! I love the emojis there adorable!


I love this app but it needs more Stephen curry 30 in it



Stephen curry for 3!!

I like this app because steph is my favorite player and it's nice to see his emojis.



Steph Curry=MY HUSBAND💖💍

Cool emojis

Yes !

I love Stephen curry . So this is perfect

Curry emoji

I LOVE it, Curry is an amazing player he's the best point guard and such unselfish player, watching him is a joy and I love having the emojis to send to my fellow NBA friends

We love this app❗

Very creative- would love more moving emojis. My 3 yr old granddaughter is crazy about the Riley & Steph dancing emojis.


This awesome

Loooove it!

Super cute emojis that are perfect for a fan of the great MVP!!!


That's one great app, I use it all the time and it's awesome.


Love curry and his app


This app is the best emoji app ever!! So fun, funny, and EASY! These emojis are all my fav! Trust me!😂😂

Great app

It is a perfect for instagram

Love it but needs iMessage stickers!

Wish this app would support iMessage stickers as I've seen the Justin Bieber one in the iMessage App Store. Need it to annoy my Steph haters lol. it loads slowly also on iOS 10.


Congrats on all your success Steph. You deserve it! On the next update include more emojis of Riley and Ryan. God bless you and the family Steph

I love this app!!!

I love stephmoji!!! I always use them and my friends hate when i do but they relate to just about anything! I love the emojis and stephen curry! This app is so worth the $. And its very cheap so I recommend it very much!!

Love it


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